Totem’s new “Tribe V and Tribe Sub”

When I first discovered Totem Acoustics at CES last year, I absolutely fell in love with the Canadian  company. My absolute favorite is the Tribe series they make.
A few weeks ago at CEDIA I stopped by their booth so I could say hi to Stephen Libin and Vince to hear the magic of my favorite loudspeakers when I noticed there was a new addition to the Tribe series.The Tribe V is the next evolutionary step toward on-wall perfection. Featuring the Totem’s Torrent driver, the Tribe V provides the highest caliber on-wall performance available.

The sound that comes from these beautifully Canadian crafted on-wall loudspeakers were so amazing that I had to literally hug them twice. Yes, they are that awesome.

Let me just say that most but not all people love to hear speakers, and definitely don’t want to see them. That being said, the compliment to my new best friend is the Tribe Sub.

The Tribe Sub can be used in any direction, horizontal, vertical, straight or flat (Yeah that’s right). This on-wall beauty comes fully equipped with a stand to move it around and absorbent back feet to lay it on its back. It can even be slipped under the couch!

I am not trying to say that the amount of bass that comes from the Tribe V are not enough to please you, because remember I said that I had to hug them (Yeah That happened). The pairing of the Tribe sub and Tribe V is no less than awe-inspiring, and my brain was taken to another dimension in sound.

Totem Acoustics have never ceased to amaze me in their products. They are all about “Little speakers can produce Big sound” and that is exactly what they are doing.

Tribe V

Design features

  • Vertical or horizontal on-wall mounting
  • Magnetic grill included
  • Available in white, black and Design multicoated
    polyester finishes

Technical features

  • 4 Totem Torrent drivers per unit
  • High-efficiency tweeters with aluminum faceplate
  • 8 ohm impedance load

Tribe Sub

Design features:

  • Advanced design for simplicity of usage
  • Vertical or horizontal on-wall mounting
  • Ultra-flexible positioning for optimal sound-effect
  • Available in white, black and Design multicoated polyester finishes
  • Supplied stand for in-room placement

Technical features:

  • 2 ballistic carbon-fiber 8 Inch active woofers
  • Comes with external 500 Watt Totem/Bash
  • Each amplifier can operate 2 sub modules
  • Cloth magnetic grill, stand & hardware included
  • Supported by 6 super-absorbent back-feet

Crestron TPMC 3X


Last September VinoSystems Ventured into Denver Colorado for CEDIA, Where we got a look into the future of intelligent homes. There were a countless number of companies showing of there new cutting edge technology that was currently out for use. When VinoSystems arrived upon the Crestron booth we got a chance to talk to the innovators behind their products. Crestron always has the best of the best and always the most cutting edge of technology, so seeing their new stuff is always very exciting. After about an hour of talking tech with the creators we came upon a new product that we were told may never even be released, just an idea in the works. The Crestron TPMC-3X was shown to us as a concept remote back in September, but here in July Crestron has released their mythical unicorn of controllers. The Crestron TPMC-3X is a Handheld WiFi Touchpanel which is the best remote control available for home theater and AV presentation, it is very ergonomic and customizable. It is very sleek, eye catching, easy to hold, containing large tactile push buttons that are backlit. The CRESTRON TPMC-3X provides true feedback of all your settings, and displaying metadata information for all your digital media. Whether watching TV, choosing a movie or music title, adjusting room temperature and lighting, checking the security system, or even monitoring live video right on the built-in touchscreen, the TPMC-3X affords a user experience like no other handheld remote. The TPMC-3X has 50’ wireless coverage, providing exceptional freedom of movement without line-of-sight— or even having to be in the same room! And, the TPMC-3X even supports roaming amongst multiple access points for extended coverage. The TPMC-3X has been designed to wake instantly at the press of a button, touch of the touchscreen, or by simply tilting the remote upright. Button presses are sent immediately, just like an IR remote but with none of IR’s limitations. The instant waking feature provides the TPMC-3X with the ability to be put to sleep within seconds of putting it down, helping to extend its battery life for several days of typical usage on a single charge. Did I mention this super sleek remote has wireless streaming video? Its built-in streaming video player makes it possible to monitor a security camera, or preview a DVD or television channel, right on the touchscreen display. Also customized WAV files can be loaded on the TPMC-3X to add dimension to its touchscreen graphics using personalized sounds, button feedback, and voice prompts. The TPMC-3X makes an elegant statement in any room, especially when placed on its stylish docking station (model TPMC-3X-DS, included). When docked, the TPMC-3X which was sent from the future back through time to destroy John Connor and mankind….Just kidding, but seriously, the touchpanel sits at-the-ready, able to be used as a stationary tabletop controller while charging. An optional wall mount docking station is also available (model TPMC-3X-DSW, sold separately). If there is one remote to controll them all, then the TPMC-3X is it. Look for it at your nearest Crestron dealer.