James Loudspeaker’s “Spot 3″

Last Friday the Vsys Automation crew and myself of course, were lucky enough to witness a new Design/Prototype in development at the James Loudspeaker facility in Beautiful Napa CA. James Loudspeaker is working together with No.8 Lighting to develop what the engineers at James Loudspeaker are calling code name “Spot 3″.


Spot 3 is 3″ driver built into one of No.8′s lighting fixtures, that just happens to be an LED fixture. The LED technology was developed by “XIADO” and it has the equivalent of a 75W incandescent bulb. When asking the engineers on the challenges in making this 3″ speaker and LED light fixture in one, other than the obvious, they said one of the more difficult features was being able to rotate and swivel the light and being able to change the light in the field. BTW it looks like they have got that figured out on their first design, but only time will tell. Now I have only seen and heard the prototype, but for a 3″ driver and light combo it looks and sounds amazing! Did I mention that currently (When I was there) the Spot 3 was only being driven by 15W super sexy and sleek prototype amplifier/control unit with built in BlueTooth. I say currently because Michael J. Park, Chief Technology Officer plans on upping that to about 50-75W.


I must say that at first glance of the Spot 3, I thought that I was starring at Tony Stark’s “Arc Reactor“, the amazing audio produced proved otherwise. I also could not believe when I entered the room, the amount of brilliant bass, that it was emanating from this tiny wonder, hands on with the prototype and prints also proved me wrong.


One of my favorite things about this Speaker/Light is the connection is so easy it is impossible to reverse polarity! You may be asking yourself, How is this possible? Currently to connect this speaker to its counterpart, it is a simple RJ11 connector, but most likely is going to change to a RJ45 Ethernet connection for doubling up on wires.

More info on this when it is available, but expect to see the Spot 3 and it’s amp/controller at the end of the year from your local James Loudspeaker dealer, our visit them on their website here.


UltraLux theaters is now open to the public!!!

Did you ever want to build your own custom home theater, but didn’t want to pay for an architect or designer to dream it up for you? Well UltraLux Theaters has just recently gone open to the public & they have done all the designing for you.

Based in sunny Orlando Florida, but is also an international business. I don’t mean that their interiors are made in other countries; no they are proudly made in the USA & do business all around the world.

Recently I had the chance to interview Lisa Meadows of UltaLux to get some inside info on them. I’m told that UltraLux has a design secret that will be released in a few months, and it is going to be “Jaw dropping”. While I did not to hear what the secret is, I do know that it has something to do with the design process.

I know that doesn’t tell you much, but here is a little bit of info on how they are currently designing their themed interiors.

1. The UltraLux designers throw around some general ideas for interiors, and then pick the best one to design around.

2. Next they all get to go into the design center where they get to watch a movie that is similar to the idea of the theme. Taking notes during and after the movie. After the movie is over, they discuss ideas for their interiors amongst each other, then watch the movie again and repeat the process.

3. Then those notes are taken into the board room, discussed & refined. This process takes days, weeks, even months; depending on how elaborate the design will be, ultimately producing the finished products.

When I asked Lisa “what makes UltraLux different than all the other theater companies?” she told me “UltraLux is always willing to work with their clients from beginning to the end of the project. UltraLux can provide a complete design if you send us a CAD file we can design custom interiors for you.”

I went on asking about how custom? Can I have my interior designer send fabric samples to match the theme? ECT… and the answers are yes, Ultralux can make whatever you want, And for ease of use UltraLux has opened a new website @ http://www.ultraluxtheaters.com for the public so that you can pick up and choose whatever you need, but still have the UltraLux customer support when needed.

Knowing all this, one would think that UltraLux is going to be very overpriced, But that simply is not true, they are very affordable and very good quality interiors. In fact, I was informed by Lisa that ultraLux is constantly donating money to charities, a good example of this is that the UltraLux theater girls cut their hair and donate it to Locks of love.

So when purchasing quality theater interiors from UltraLux, you are also contributing to the less fortunate. It kind of makes me feel a little warm on the inside.

I am also told that UltraLux is a great company to work for, aside from donating to charity which helps people and makes everyone feel better, they all have a shared common interests in their design. “To make great theater interiors that look amazing & please our customers!”

So keep an eye out for UltraLux theaters and their “secret” whatever it may be… Hopefully I will have more info on that soon, so keep checking in to see whats new. Until then I suggest that you check them out for all your theater interior needs, and for more information About Ultralux Theaters and their amazing interiors please visit: http://www.ultraluxtheaters.com