Cedia day 2 breakfast

Just arrived at Sam’s #3 about 2 blocks from the convention center. Recommended by some traffic cops, this place reminds me of a Mel’s diner back home. People here seem nice but can’t drive worth a damn.




We just stopped to get some breakfast at a diner called Sam’s #3. Sam’s #1 and #2 where a failure let’s see if this one is any good. It doesn’t look as bad as cracker barrel….

(Edit) After further review the food wasn’t that good.


We made it to Cedia!

We made it to CEDIA! The whole city is decked out with CEDIA banners! Free stuff galore! Even a cabaret is offering free entrance with a CEDIA pass. Beware of Big Bear! At this point, we are in the Hyatt about to attend our first class: Escient Vision Series



Bears and tolls

Here in Denver there is toll Booths on the freeways. Which contradicts the name freeway. There is a toll every 4 miles and a few on the off ramps. They also have giant blue bear that strikes fear into anyone that enters and is the protector of the Toll Booths.. I Believe the bear is there to keep order. On a side note I find it interesting the democrats have there convention at the place with a bear mascot. Some thing is up, bears and democrats the real threats to America. In fact put toll booths and hot tubs and restaurants that close at 9pm on my list of evil. Lack of food makes me angry.



Not many restaurants open after 10pm

Well, we got to our Hotel late (after 10pm), only to find out that every food place closes early here. Weak dude!

We head to CEDIA in about 6 hours, so we are gonna get some sleep. We will up date you tomorrow on the events at the Expo.

I have not yet seen any John Elway statues. Strange since this is Bronco country!


Touched down in Denver!

Well, me and the guys touched down in Denver today, after a lay over in Phoenix Arizona. So far our impressions of Denver have been swayed by the multiple toll’s we had to go through on a highway not having a bridge. It seemed like every 5 minutes there was a toll. Lets hope the rest of the trip is not like this.