Totem’s new “Tribe V and Tribe Sub”

When I first discovered Totem Acoustics at CES last year, I absolutely fell in love with the Canadian  company. My absolute favorite is the Tribe series they make.
A few weeks ago at CEDIA I stopped by their booth so I could say hi to Stephen Libin and Vince to hear the magic of my favorite loudspeakers when I noticed there was a new addition to the Tribe series.The Tribe V is the next evolutionary step toward on-wall perfection. Featuring the Totem’s Torrent driver, the Tribe V provides the highest caliber on-wall performance available.

The sound that comes from these beautifully Canadian crafted on-wall loudspeakers were so amazing that I had to literally hug them twice. Yes, they are that awesome.

Let me just say that most but not all people love to hear speakers, and definitely don’t want to see them. That being said, the compliment to my new best friend is the Tribe Sub.

The Tribe Sub can be used in any direction, horizontal, vertical, straight or flat (Yeah that’s right). This on-wall beauty comes fully equipped with a stand to move it around and absorbent back feet to lay it on its back. It can even be slipped under the couch!

I am not trying to say that the amount of bass that comes from the Tribe V are not enough to please you, because remember I said that I had to hug them (Yeah That happened). The pairing of the Tribe sub and Tribe V is no less than awe-inspiring, and my brain was taken to another dimension in sound.

Totem Acoustics have never ceased to amaze me in their products. They are all about “Little speakers can produce Big sound” and that is exactly what they are doing.

Tribe V

Design features

  • Vertical or horizontal on-wall mounting
  • Magnetic grill included
  • Available in white, black and Design multicoated
    polyester finishes

Technical features

  • 4 Totem Torrent drivers per unit
  • High-efficiency tweeters with aluminum faceplate
  • 8 ohm impedance load

Tribe Sub

Design features:

  • Advanced design for simplicity of usage
  • Vertical or horizontal on-wall mounting
  • Ultra-flexible positioning for optimal sound-effect
  • Available in white, black and Design multicoated polyester finishes
  • Supplied stand for in-room placement

Technical features:

  • 2 ballistic carbon-fiber 8 Inch active woofers
  • Comes with external 500 Watt Totem/Bash
  • Each amplifier can operate 2 sub modules
  • Cloth magnetic grill, stand & hardware included
  • Supported by 6 super-absorbent back-feet

Crestron is PROCISE with it’s High-Definition Surround Sound Processor

Most of you reading this who went to CEDIA this year will know exactly what I am talking about when I say, with all the audio video manufacturers in the world, there is definitely not a shortage in high-quality, high-performance home theater processors on the market today. Only PSPHD PROCISE, the high-definition surround sound processor from Crestron, delivers all the features you need to address the array of design challenges of the high-end custom market.

For those who have never been to CEDIA, CES, EHX, InfoComm, or any trade show of this nature then you may be a little confused, let me just say that during the time you spent reading this sentence another idea in the audio world was just formed. But I digress; Crestron’s PSPHD PROCISE is designed to please the most discerning audiophile or movie fan, with exclusive features that will especially inspire the audio design professionals amongst us. Features like Audyssey MultEQ® XT, Dynamic EQ, and Dynamic Volume enable calibrating a complete 7.3 speaker system to perfection.

Crestron’s PSPHD PROCISE Integrates modern design with vintage style VU (Volume Units) meters?! That’s right, the dual front panel VFDs display “mechanical” VU meters and spectrum analyzers, providing real-time signal monitoring along with a ton of other data to keep you informed throughout setup and operation.

Key Features:

  • Professional 7.3 surround sound processor and preamplifier
  • Designed for high-end home theaters, audiophile listening rooms, boardrooms, and auditoriums
  • Handsome appearance befitting the most high-end theater or living room
  • Dual front panel VFDs display real-time analog VU meters or spectrum analyzers
  • Setup, control, and monitoring enabled via front panel or Crestron PROCISE Tools software
  • Features Audyssey MultEQ® XT, Dynamic EQ, and Dynamic Volume
  • Works with Crestron CCSTK Professional Surround Sound Tuning Kit
  • Decodes Dolby® TrueHD 7.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio™ 7.1 HBR formats
  • Includes balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connections on all outputs
  • Available graphic or parametric EQ and delay adjustment on each theater output
  • Extensive bass management through three independent subwoofer outputs
  • “Double Bass” feature enables routing LFE to the main L/R channels
  • Extensive signal steering for custom applications and speaker configurations
  • Separate stereo and mono down-mix outputs for recording or multi-zone
  • Six HDMI™ inputs support 7.1 HD multi-channel audio and 1080p60 video
  • Features QuickSwitch HD™ technology for low-latency switching
  • HDMI output contains HD video plus unprocessed 7.1 or 2-channel downmix audio
  • Supports HDCP to ensure compatibility with protected sources and equipment
  • One AES/EBU, four optical, and six coaxial digital inputs
  • Ultra low noise up to 125 SNR via AES/EBU in and balanced out
  • One balanced XLR and eight unbalanced RCA stereo analog inputs
  • One 7.1 multi-channel analog input
  • Integrates perfectly with Crestron DigitalMedia™ products via HDMI in and out
  • Integrates cleanly into multimedia presentation and telepresence systems
  • Includes three mix inputs for connecting mic mixers, teleconferencing codecs, paging systems, and audio signal generators
  • Mix inputs feature independent EQ, notch filters, gating and compression
  • Native Crestron system integration via Ethernet or Cresnet®
  • Extensively programmable, with numerous presets and assignable defaults for most settings
  • 3U 19″ rack-mountable (rack ears included)

The PROAMP-7X400 7-channel amplifier complements the PSPHD perfectly; delivering a heart-pounding 400 Watts per channel, yeah that’s right 400 watts per channel, with XLR balanced inputs, Cresnet and Ethernet connectivity, and seamless control and monitoring through the PSPHD front panel.

As soon as I can get my hands on this, I definitely will be pairing it with the PROAMP-7X400 7-channel amplifier & some TOTEM in wall/in ceiling speakers…Vsys is  definitely going to have the best sound system on the block!!!

Procise Receiver


Lutron Hailed as Most Used Brand by Top 100 Custom Electronics Industry Integrators

Lutron Hailed as Most Used Brand
by Top 100 Custom Electronics Industry Integrators
Coopersburg, PA (June 23, 2009) –– Lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics was ranked as the most used brand in the Lighting Control and Shade Control categories in a recent survey by CE Pro magazine, a publication targeting the custom installation community.

The top 100 custom product integrators were featured in the May 2009 issue of the magazine. The most used brand analysis was compiled using the data provided by the top 100 integrators.

Of the 100 integrators profiled:

69% prefer Lutron as their lighting control supplier and
64% prefer Lutron as their shade control supplier
Lutron has been a part of the custom installation community since the early 1990s when its HomeWorks® total home lighting control system debuted with rave reviews and created the category of whole-home lighting control. Since then, the company has gone on to introduce several new lighting control solutions, including Sivoia QED™, an automated shade and drapery system.

About EH Publishing
EH Publishing is an integrated media company, producing market leading publications, event and e-media for the technology and construction industries.

About Lutron Electronics (
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, designs and manufactures lighting controls and automated window treatments for residential and commercial applications. Lutron products save energy and make light bulbs last longer, making them an eco-friendly addition to the home and office.

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Axonix has Blu-Ray… So what!

After watching a demo of Axonix Media Deck system, I was not impressed. Slow movie load times, GUI is not that great. Does not look that great after seeing Kaleidescape. Axonix had lots of features but does none of them well. The only thing they had going for them is that they do Blu-ray and you can use any network attached storage device for extra hard drive space.
Its like putting “duct tape”  all over it. Axonix is great if you want to still spend a lot of money but in the end hate your self for doing it. So why don’t you just give me $10,000 and I will give you my axonix shirt and you will hate your self less.


Lutron qed/qs

Awesome new things from Lutron! Sivoia QS is an AC motorized shading solution to be paired up with the recently released graphic eye qs for single room solution, though not able to communicate with a homeworks system. A few new types of fabrics out. QED now has a skylight shading solution with min of 2′x3′ and maximums of 12′x6-1/2 or 8′x10′. Great new additions!




We just stopped to get some breakfast at a diner called Sam’s #3. Sam’s #1 and #2 where a failure let’s see if this one is any good. It doesn’t look as bad as cracker barrel….

(Edit) After further review the food wasn’t that good.



Upon our journey through the Hordes of people we came across this TV that I would like to have for my computer monitor. Play a little team fortress 2 in 103″. This monster of LCD TV could crush a man and towers over us. I am sure the only thing that could hold this beast up is Atlas him self. Since I cant afford the TV I would settle for the Box it came in and live in it.



The one to rule them all!

Crestron booth was nice. I talked to a guy out of the Cypress office that informed me that someone makes a 3rd party device that does intercom over ip… so I can get intercom working on the TPMC-8X’s!!!