Go Green with Crestron’s “Green Light”

Audio, Video, & Lighting oh my! These are just a few types of products that Crestron controls, not to mention switchers, processors and all the sleek interfaces they have created since 1971 when they were founded. With all these products in my home, I wonder how much energy I am using or money I am spending?…Wouldn’t it be convenient to know this kind of information, especially during this economic downturn?

Introducing “Green light” from Crestron, an energy monitoring solution for Crestron Lighting, HVAC, and of course Energy consumption for equipment connected at the outlets. Managing energy consumption & realizing real cost savings must extend beyond lighting and thermostats. A large portion of energy waste comes from Audio Video equipment being left on when not in use. Integrated within a Crestron controlled environment, even personal workspace devices such as computers, printer, desk lamps can be programmed to automatically shut down.

When connected with third party devices “Green Light” is capable of monitoring Natural gas, Solar energy, water, and also displaying current energy usage, energy and water flows, total consumption, money spent and return on investment figures in real-time, this real-time tracking allows a Crestron system to automatically dim lights or conserve power once you reach certain thresholds you have programmed into the system, with a little help from your Crestron programmer ;)

Crestron Green Light technology provides environmental management and control to conserve energy and lower costs.

As the global leader in advanced control and automation technology for commercial and residential solutions, Crestron develops products and automation solutions that are RoHS compliant and meet ASHRAE & LEED standards.

Crestron products and systems may help achieve LEED certification points in:

Sustainable Sites

Water Efficiency

Energy & Atmosphere

Indoor Environmental Quality

Innovation & Design Process

Crestron also makes a line of “Green Light” products specifically to work with this system, such as their iLux, Shade and Drape controllers, Wall box Dimmers and Switches, table top Controllers, Gateways & Repeaters, Thermostat’s, Sensors, Automation processors, ETC…

Even now as you are reading this, Crestron’s “Green Light” is being implemented all around the world, helping people build a better, more energy efficient world. Not to mention saving energy & money, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to do that?



Lutron Hailed as Most Used Brand by Top 100 Custom Electronics Industry Integrators

Lutron Hailed as Most Used Brand
by Top 100 Custom Electronics Industry Integrators
Coopersburg, PA (June 23, 2009) –– Lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics was ranked as the most used brand in the Lighting Control and Shade Control categories in a recent survey by CE Pro magazine, a publication targeting the custom installation community.

The top 100 custom product integrators were featured in the May 2009 issue of the magazine. The most used brand analysis was compiled using the data provided by the top 100 integrators.

Of the 100 integrators profiled:

69% prefer Lutron as their lighting control supplier and
64% prefer Lutron as their shade control supplier
Lutron has been a part of the custom installation community since the early 1990s when its HomeWorks® total home lighting control system debuted with rave reviews and created the category of whole-home lighting control. Since then, the company has gone on to introduce several new lighting control solutions, including Sivoia QED™, an automated shade and drapery system.

About EH Publishing
EH Publishing is an integrated media company, producing market leading publications, event and e-media for the technology and construction industries.

About Lutron Electronics (www.lutron.com)
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, designs and manufactures lighting controls and automated window treatments for residential and commercial applications. Lutron products save energy and make light bulbs last longer, making them an eco-friendly addition to the home and office.

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TOTEM’s TRIBE in-wall/in-ceiling speakers

Back in January when VinoSystems went to CES in Las Vegas we just happened upon this random room in the Venetian hotel. We took a chance after a long day of talking to companies about their products and why theirs were better than the other guys, so at this point we were pretty much done. But luckily when we stumbled into this room we found ourselves in front of a very amazing speaker company known in the world as TOTEM ACOUSTIC. As soon as we walked in there was the usual demonstration, different types of music playing so we could here the range of sound that was produced by their products. Overall we were very impressed, but what really caught my attention was their TRIBE series In-Wall/In Ceiling Speakers. The all-enclosed, meticulously crafted and astonishing sounding Tribe In-Wall/In-Ceiling brings Totem’s legendary imaging, off-axis performance and full-range sound to a brilliant compact, vibrant and dynamic series of speakers. Delivering the highest caliber compact speaker performance for over 20 years, TOTEM presents the ultimate series of In-Wall/In-Ceiling products. Designed to engulf and immerse the listener in a totally realistic and believable 3D sonic experience, the Tribe In-Wall/In-Ceiling redefine exactness, speed and musicality. For easy use under any conditions, they perform with astonishing presence, no matter the size of your space.
I can’t wait to bring these speakers into the North Bay. As a Automation Specialist/Systems Integrator I know that I will be spreading the word about this product line. So watch out Bay Area here comes TOTEM ACOUSTIC!!!


Wine Cave

Things are really starting to come along on this project. More info coming soon. Bad photos taken by my iPhone.


The only solution for the digital age

There’s no question that the digital age is here today. The products you’re using now won’t work for much longer. Crestron DigitalMedia is the only soution that answers the challenges of tomorrow-today.
Crestron has released and is shipping its revolutionary new DigitalMedia™ product line, the only complete, integrated solution that manages, controls and distributes all analog and uncompressed digital content over twisted pair or fiber. The core of a Crestron DigitalMedia (DM) system consists of matrix switchers, repeaters and receivers. Flexible and modular, DM matrix switchers accept every type of signal and transmit them long distance as digital DM signals. Exclusive built-in QuickSwitch HD™ technology pre-authorizes HDCP keys and maintains a constant handshake for fast, uninterrupted HD switching. At the end points, DM receivers output HDMI and control to the display. Crestron DigitalMedia is the only solution that answers the challenges of tomorrow – today.

Instant HDMI switching. Not only does it handle the one to many HDMI/HDCP problem, but the delays in source to source switching – delays that everyone encounters using a reciever or any single display switch – are gone. Switching is almost instantaneous. The display doesn’t go through another handshake.

Mixed Fiber + Copper. Less than 100′ or okay to use a repeater? Use copper. Over 100′, use fiber. Mix and match in the same switch.

Integrated USB extension. With the combination of USB + HDMI in/out we get remote placement of computers + gaming stations without losing flexibility of use or control. A game station can live inside a family room but be used in the playroom too. Or the console can live in a rack and all the controllers plug into a plate inside a family room end table cabinet. Or your laptop plugs into the office but a small keyboard lives in the kitchen and the bedroom allowing you to pick up the display there. And so on…..


Crestron Mobile™ Now Available

Now available as a free download from the iTunes® App Store, Crestron Mobile for iPhone keeps you Crestron-connected, wherever you are. An intuitive graphical interface enables seamless control and management of climate, lighting, shades and security systems. View room and device status and adjust control features in a primary residence, vacation home, and office in real time, communicating via the 3G or Edge cellular network (or Wi-Fi, where available).

iphone and ipod Touch Crestron App

iphone and ipod Touch Crestron App


GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. continues to grow its roster of wireless products with the addition of GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless. The system provides seamless integration of Lutron light and shade products for complete light control in a space.
Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye QS, introduced to the market in June 2007, is a fully customizable preset light and shade control system, providing convenient control, energy savings, and enhancement of the visual environment.
GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless provides all of the same advanced features as before, along with new wireless connections to Sivoia® QS Wireless shades, wireless occupancy sensors, and additional GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless units. The wireless interconnects allow for reduced installation time and cost by eliminating the need to run or pull wire from the GRAFIK Eye QS to several components.

GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless also can be equipped with an integral bus supply providing direct control of Lutron’s revolutionary EcoSystem™ digitally addressable ballasts, or Hi-lume™ 3D ballasts. Another optional component is the Hi-lume LED driver.graffik-eye-qs