Alternative Control devices for your integrated home

Having an integrated home and or building has  many advantages and can be very luxurious and convenient , but often times there are  certain applications where a bulky touchpanel is taking valuable wall space or  has to be located in a very inconvenient space making it more of a hassle than a convenience.   Other times it just makes more sense to have a in wall solution and a hand-held remote for mobility. Now there are many proprietary hand-held  touchpanels and Remotes to do this, but here are a few alternative deices that can control your automation system at a fraction of the price (Yeah, there’s an app for that).

IOS Devices-The iPod touch, The iPhone, & The iPad:

Android Devices-Android phones and Tablets:

This is only a small fraction of possible mobile devices, but I am confident when I say that everyone reading this owns at least one of these devices and probably thought about purchasing one of the others. These are all fantastic devices, some of things that they can do are simply amazing. Think about it. I can watch netflix, email, check my facebook account, play music, take photos, check sports scores, make a phone call, get directions, and post this article to my blog. You use this device everyday in your life to do all the things listed above and many more. why wouldn’t you want to have it control your home?
Some of these devices are obviously too small to control everything, well that’s not entirely true, but I’ll tell you like I tell everyone else, just because you can drive with your feet that doesn’t make it a good idea. Smaller phones and such would best be suited to control a few things at most like a few lighting scenes, arming and disarming alarm systems while entering or leaving the building.
The tablets have more real estate for more control of multi-room solutions and even entire systems depending on size of project and devices.The point is that there are options for everyone, and most of us are already carrying around one with them at all times. Lets put it to good use.
There are also manufacturers embracing this idea so much that they are designing docking stations (In-Wall and on-Wall)  and hard button solutions to accommodate your wants and needs.

So whether you are trying to save wall space, some money in the budget, or just put your electronics to good use, there are new options for to consider.


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