Don’t just install, Thinstal!!!

Whats the point of buying the newest, thinnest HDTV out if your mount is three times the depth of it? Chief Manufacturing has several solutions to  accommodate your needs from the Thinstal series.

Chief’s Thinstal series swing arm mounts are low-profile full-motion wall mounts for LED, LCD, Plasma TV’s and displays.

Features include:
* Full extension up to 25″ (635MM)
*Ultra low profile-collapses to 1.5″ (38MM)
*Control Zone Height Adjustment-Adjust the height of the entire configuration up to1″ (25.4MM) post-installation.
*Centerless lateral shift-up to 16″ (406.4MM) of post-installation shift for centering.
*Centris low-profile fingertip tilt-Provides up to 15 percent of effortless fingertip tilt.
*Integrated cable management-Enclosed, tool-less cable covers and a wide open wall plate make it easy to route cables and to connect to wall for an easy installation.
(Available in 2011)

Fixed and Tilt mounts for Ultra thin TV’s:
Chief’s thinstal series fixed and tilt wall mounts are designed to compliment the low profile of new ultra-thin flat panel TV’s and displays. The fixed mount collapses to 0.39″ (10MM), and the tilt mount collapses 0.75″ (19MM) while offering 12 degrees of fingertip tilt.

Features include:

*Glide lock latching system-Tool-less latching system for faster installation.

*Velcro Straps-Retract the cable kickstand by simply pulling the straps.

*Easy cable access- unique cable kickstand allows easy cable access when needed.

*In-Wall Box-Optional storage box for a clean installation.


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