33 Cups of coffee ago. I started working on a new GUI for our touch panels. Code name “New GUI.”
Armed with a white board and a arsenal of erasable markers I started to design the new interface that would later be named “Carbonite.” I started making sketches of how I wanted my D-pad to look. Post-it’s(can you even pluralize Post-its?) lined my desk and walls, full of notes and dimensions. At one point I realized one of my designs looked like Iron man’s arc reactor so I scrapped that idea. I came up with about 10 designs and shortly after finishing each I realized that I didn’t like any of them. So I grabbed another cup of coffee and continued sketching ideas. Everything started to fall in to place. i finally reached a point where i need to make an iPod interface. David started to make each piece come to life in photoshop, with me looking over his shoulder and complaining how that’s not the exact shade of blue I wanted. Well he put up with me and we started piecing together every page. We finished it and decided that it needed a name, Apparently “New GUI” wasn’t as creative as I thought it was. I picked the name Carbonite and we “voted” on what it should be called. It should be stated that by voted I mean that everyone Else’s opinions where not even considered. We have implemented our new gui at Energy plus‘ napa store. Please go check it out.
-Edit- 35 Cups of coffee now.



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