Architecture of Home Intelligence 


Vinosystems, LLC

A Design & Programming Firm,

Specializing in Home intelligence

Our Goal: Saving You Time Energy and Money,

Even When Your Not Home!



  • The Processor is the Brains that gathers all information from sensors and the user interface, to make intelligent decisions.
  • With a built in Astronomical Time Clock your processor knows the exact sunrise and sunset on any day.
  • Giving you the right amount of light when you need it, and energy savings when you don't.
  • Allows access through any web browser, giving you access to your Home from anywhere in the world.



System Network


  • Artificial Lighting
  • Natural Lighting
  • Surveillance/ Access Control
  • Communication: Phone/ Internet/ Intercom
  • Distributed Audio
  • Distributed Video
  • Irrigation
  • Climate Control
  • Water Reclamation





  • Temperature Sensors
  • Humidity Sensors
  • Rain Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Light Sensors
  • Flow Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Window and Door Contact Sensors
  • Current Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Air Quality Sensors



Temperature Sensor


  • There are many benefits to having a temperature sensor in your home.
  • They alert you to swings in temperatures that could wreak havoc in your home.
  • Frost protection lets you know when the temperature drops to levels that are dangerous to pets, plants and pipes.
  • Heat detection will alert you to rising temperatures that may indicate: Heat or Fire Damage
  • Determine difference between indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • If indoor temperature is lower than outdoor temperature the motorized shades automatically open to use natural heat to warm house, visa versa
  • Monitors temperature indoors to minimize use of HVAC



Humidity Sensor


  • Humidity sensors are used to achieve tasks such as:
    • Preserving furniture
    • Preserving Art
    • Saving electronic equipment
    • Preventing mildew



Rain Sensor


  • Rain sensors are used to achieve tasks such as:
  • Water conservation
  • device connected to an automatic irrigation system that causes the system to shut down in the event of rainfall.
  • Automatically closing windows/ skylights



Pressure Sensor


  • Used as a trigger to activate a series of commands

    Home Theater: Sitting down in you're favorite chair closes Window treatments, Lights dim, Projector turns on, Screen lowers and audio equipment turns on.



Light Sensors


  • A light-sensing device used for daylight harvesting
  • By Opening window treatments to let natural light in, the light sensor will reduce artificial light and save energy.
  • If level of artificial light is to intense then, window treatment close to protect Furniture, hardwood floors and valuable artwork.




Flow Sensors


  • A device for sensing fluid flow.
  • Water:
  • Will shut off main valve after sensing a break in pipes.
  • Air:
  • Used to determine air flow obstructions in HVAC systems. “clogged filters”.



Motion Sensor


  • Motion sensors are used to achieve such tasks as:

    Creating well-lit paths lighting up your yard, driveway, sidewalk and steps. Determine whether or not a room is occupied.

  • Imagine walking around your house from room to room as lights turn on and off as you enter or leave the room.



Window and Door Contacts


  • Are used to determine the state of the window or door, open or closed?
  • With this detection you can know where energy is escaping
  •  Can also be used for security purposes
  • Time Stamping
  • Tells the user when someone leaves or enters the facility



Current Sensors


  • Current sensors are used to achieve tasks such as:
  • Monitoring energy consumption.
  • Used to tell what appliances or equipment are on or off.




Air Quality Sensors


  • Air quality sensors can be used to achieve such tasks as:
  • Detection of carbon dioxide “Co2”
  • Detection of carbon monoxide “Co”
  • Achieving healthy home air
  • Providing allergy and asthma relief
  • Controlling dampness and odor



System Program


  • A button can be programmed to turn lights to different levels depending on time of day.
  • A welcome button will turn on a trail of lights, open window treatments, turn on your favorite music track, adjust your climate control for comfort & stop vacation play back.
  • An away button will close all window treatments, turn on a trail of light to exit your home that will turn off after 5 minutes, arm your security system, & start vacation mode.
  • Vacation mode mimics your lighting habits from the last 14 days & plays them back at a lower level and only @ night, to simulate an occupied residence to deter intruders.






  • iPhone app
  • E-control
  • Keypads
  • Touch panels



Wall Clutter


  • Unintelligent control
  • Difficult to distinguish different zones
  • Not practical/ and Inconvenient
  • Unattractive





  • Lighting makes up 20% of the Energy usage in a Home, on the average an Intelligent Lighting system will reduce your lighting usage by 50%. 
  • So by using an Intelligent Lighting system you will reduce 10% of the Energy usage in a Home
  • By Installing Motorized window treatments, the Intelligent home will use natural light by opening the window treatments and skylight treatments, therefore reducing energy on the lighting. (Energy savings will vary)
  • Fact; A 1500 Hour incandescent light bulb will last nearly 10 years when dimmed 33% and used 3 hours.  An average 2500 square foot home will have about 100 bulbs; the savings would be the cost of 900 bulbs plus the installation.  Keep in mind that there are some areas were the home owner cannot replace the bulb themselves due to height; in fact there are times when two electricians with special ladders or lifts are required to replace the bulbs. (Installation Price will vary)
  •             More important 900 bulbs will be saved from been tossed into landfills!


  • In an intelligent home controls the heating and cooling by zones, each room is usually a zone.
  • The intelligence will determine if a room is occupied or unoccupied and adjust the temperature accordingly.  In the winter If the temperature outside is rising the Intelligence will open the window treatments and take advantage of Natural warmth before turning up the heater.
  • In the summer if the temperature outside is rising the Intelligence will close the window treatments to avoid the temperature inside rising and avoid using the Air conditioner.  More important it will avoid damage to your Rugs, Hardwood floors, Paintings, and furniture. (Energy Savings and Damage amounts will vary)


•Surveillance & Access Control
  • In an Intelligent home the Surveillance system can be accessed from anywhere in the world via internet. You can get an email from your home letting you know that someone has entered your property. Open a browser enter your security password and now you have access to home, open your user interface and you can see what motion sensors are been
  • Activated, showing you where the intruder is. By viewing the surveillance cameras you can see the intruder and snap a picture, send it to your local police and tell them what room they are in. 

    (Savings and Damage amounts will vary)


  • By installing temperature sensors in a room you can program the system to notify you when the temperature in any room reaches 90 degrees, this could be due to the HVAC zones not working, or the beginning of a Fire.  (Savings and Damage amounts will vary)
  • By installing temperature sensors outdoors, the intelligence will prevent pipes from freezing, and plants from getting frost damage. (Savings or Damage amounts will vary)



•Other payback Items

  • My client left his home early morning as he gets to his office a sudden downpour begins he panics because he remembers that he left the skylight in his Sun Room open.  This skylight is 10 feet wide by 15 feet long. He opens a browser and checks the status of the skylight, it is closed!
  • The Intelligence received a message from the Rain sensor and sent a close command to all windows and sky lights. (Savings or Damage amounts will vary)
  • Another Client sent me an email thanking us for our design; we designed a Game room equipped with flat screens with various gaming systems. He told me that since the completion, his teenagers and their friends were spending time at Home. (Savings or Damage amounts will vary)
  • In an Intelligent Home your payback depends on many factors, when you sell your Home you get the full payback because you are selling and Intelligent Home.
  • All the other factors are extra!